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This awesome feature was taken from The Covenant Magazine! A trio of mind-bending tape releases has emerged from the Bay Area’s Sentient Ruin in recent months, with Miscarriage, Sutekh Hexen and Suspiral intent on royally ruining your evening. As the hideous musical propaganda arm already carries a stunning legacy of hideous filth,

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What the fuck do we have here? We have the disgusting new VOMIT ANGEL album “Imprint of Extinction” that comes out on Iron Bonehead Productions on July 19th. Their songs are nasty feral anthems that are infested with grinding death! Beware – after just one listen, your ears might be

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CULT OF EXTINCTION have fucking done it again! This one man sonic war machine is going to release his debut piece of audio hate via Iron Bonehead on July 19th. Last year, he changed the game with Black Nuclear Magick Attack, and now it’s time to destroy everything with Ritual

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AIMA is a band that creates that kind of putrified grim death metal that makes you feel like maggots are crawling all over you! I can’t get enough of their soon to be released album Tragos that comes out this Friday Nuclear War Now! Productions. Today is your unlucky day

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Black Metal is an art form that can take many sonic shapes and cause the listener to reflect on many different emotions! Today I want to shed light on two stellar USBM bands called Lunar Temple & Barghest. Lunar Temple’s Renunciation (demo) 2018 is un fucking real! At times it

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Kapala hail from West Bengal India and have managed to compose the sound of an impending apocalyptic war. Their newest EP Termination Apex is a raw murky slab blending speed, death, and black metal into a violent war machine. Kapala set a grim mood as the sound of Geiger counters

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