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As we all know, there are so many different kinds of sexual fetishes, almost too many to name. Long before the rise of the internet, open-minded humans got their kink on by indulging themselves in Rubber Play. Don’t just take my word for it – it’s time for you to

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AMENRA is a project that goes far beyond what you’d normally associate with a “band.” At the foundations of Church of Ra, there’s an ethos and an artistry behind what they create that transcends the breathtaking sounds they make. When you have the opportunity to witness their live performance, you’ll

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A trio of dark vocal-oriented projects, Amigo the Devil, King Dude, and Twin Temple performed at San Francisco’s Slim’s concert venue this past October 31st, 2019. TWIN TEMPLE Satanic doo-wop from Los Angeles. Led by the duo of Alexandra James and Zachary James, with a full live band. Chants of

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All photos and text by Charles Nickles Morbid Sphere This was Morbid Sphere’s first gig (or so some drunk slurred wantonly at a pretty, disinterested party) and it was impressive as shit (wrought and taut and relentless), considering, though perhaps not entirely surprising as this band features cats from Anicon,

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via Dazed Digital In 1977, a 15-year-old German girl called Britta Bergmann kickstarted a movement that ultimately helped bring down the Berlin Wall.  Bergmann, who lived in East Berlin, discovered the Sex Pistols in a teen magazine acquired by her older half-sister from West Berlin, and became entranced by their spiky

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Femdom has roots that go far back in history, with images and text describing female domination going back into the 1500s in Europe, and much further in the East. The 18th and 19th centuries saw “flogging” become a specialty in English brothels, with entire establishments being dedicated to the practice.

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