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I stumbled across this great Youtube channel called Analog Video Shop, and it’s my new source for all things vintage film. They post trailers for obscure, amazing and terrible movies that will help any cinephile get caught up or just reminisce about the odd things that have been immortalized on

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This wasn’t created to be appreciated.This wasn’t created to be owned.This was created only to exist. Every release from Black Noise entity VRVLVM expresses this sentiment. Such a statement worms it’s way into the psyche of those who take a moment to ponder it. Why do we do what we

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We’re really excited to re-introduce the CVLT CAST – we took a break from producing our podcast, but we’re back with a series of sick interviews that you need to hear! Our latest episode features an fascinating interview with Samhain’s LONDON MAY, where he talks about his new short film

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“I found this incredibly frightening pig-mask at a thrift store, so I decided to be” The Pig Man. ” From that stint, there was a photo-shoot that I did. I started thinking about the character of this person, who he was and how he thought of himself, and the film stems from

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via Monster Brains Anyone else bored by modern day movie posters here in North America? I feel like a lot of the time it’s just a black background with a date on it. All the glitz and glamor is saved for the overpriced theatre. I would go to a lot

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Who is Ian Reid? He is not only a killer photographer, but he also is an OG 90’s skater! He created my favorite skate video ever called “Sex, Hood, Skate & Videotape” (I wish I didn’t lose my copy!). What I love about his creative spirit is that he doesn’t

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