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Espectra Negra Tales of Chaos is a record that will expand your mind – taking it to a dark universe where your demons will have brunch with your daymares. What does this collection of songs sound like? I feel that each listener is going to take something different away after

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The immense Blackened Funeral Doom band BLOOD OF SOKAR is too underrated! We are going to do everything in our power to change that because they need to be recognized as one of the best doing it right now. Their new new double cassette offering entitled Ruina I & II

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If you’re an avid reader of CvltNation, you might have been following LA’s The Wraith for a few years now. 2017 saw the release of their first EP Shadow Flag and since then, vocalist Davey Bales has released a few chap books of poetry. After grinding away at songwriting, finding

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What would you do if the tyrant called on you? I’d throw on OATH OF CRUELTY‘s track “At The Tyrant’s Behest” and sharpen my executioner’s axe. These death thrashers have put together a fiery, blasphemous rallying cry to rise up against those who tell us what to believe, what to

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Tomorrow, something we’ve been waiting for since 2016 is going to happen. BÖLZER is releasing a new album called Lese Majesty via their label Lightning & Sons, and we’re so honored to be premiering it in full for you today! Hero has been on heavy rotation since it came out

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I don’t know how to describe what Australia’s Ploughshare have created here – they’ve recorded the sounds of Hell onto wax. Listening to their track “Indistinguishable Beast Of Flight” off their upcoming EP Tellurian Insurgency is like peeling the veiled layers back to witness the torture of a billion souls.

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