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If I was stranded on an island, the only record I would need is SLUMP’s Flashbacks from Black Dust Country because this motherfucker ROCKS! It was one of the best releases of 2019 – my bad for not putting it on a list. Today I right my wrongs and share

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Every day that I get to run CVLT Nation is an honor because we’re more than just a music site, we’re a part of a global community of creative beings and our site is a place where they can share their art! Recently we were contacted by IMPA TV who

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The LDB 2020 Fest just took place and the line up was beyond stacked!!! Check out these insanely awesome photos by Gabe Becerra. NO OPTION SANCTION SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY DAY TWO DARE HANDS OF GOD KNOCKED LOOSE

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Fuck what the world thinks about our sound, fuck what the world thinks about our gender, fuck what the world thinks about our gear – these ideas have been magnified by Psychic TV. I see them as a gateway band into the idea that music and art can be an

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After a burgeoning resurgence in fandom for all music dark and aggressive, Near Dark Fest of Oakland, California fame is once again throwing its hat into the ring promising righteous new upstarts along with cult favorites from decades past. A subculture that makes hair stand on end with its political

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Since I picked up the first issue of Maximum Rock N Roll in 1982, I’ve been inspired by Punk from outside of North America. So today I want to turn you on to four kick ass bands from Singapore. All of them sound different and bring vital energy to the

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