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MIDNIGHT are about to release their sick new album Rebirth by Blasphemy via Metal Blade Records on Jan. 24th. Trust me when I say it’s a Bulldozer of Blackened Thrash here to Kick ASS! Right here and now peep this crucial MIDNIGHT full set filmed by Tyler Buesching for unARTigNYC.

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There are a lot of things I missed out on being a little kid in the 80s. Thankfully YouTube exists, and I can immerse myself in shows that I was far too young to see at the time. Here’s one full set of The Gun Club live at the Hacienda

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Watch SLAYER fans go crazy outside of Studio 54. Also check out this insane footage of Venom, Exodus and Slayer. This was the end of disco!    

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Fuck Life! Fuck the World! It’s time for the official G.I.S.M. 1995 home video!    

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At the beginning of the month we premiered TRACE AMOUNT‘s new EP, Fake Figures in the Sacred Scriptures, and you loved it. You ate up the soul-sucking, happiness-draining, demented atmosphere this project exudes – so we’ve got another treat for you today! Trace Amount recently played a live set in

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One year after I graduated from Berkeley High, this happened: NEUROSIS plays the Gilman in 1988.   Common Inconsistencies Stalemate Nonsense Grey (Unknown) United Sheep Self-Doubt Dominoes Fall  

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