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For three days in the summer of 1816, in a mansion called Villa Diodati near Lake Geneva, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Mary Shelley, and John Polidori spent time indoors due to poor weather, entertaining one another by telling stories. Two of these stories became classics of Gothic literature: Mary

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Are you ready for a mental and sonic beatdown? I don’t give a fuck whether you answer yes or no, because we’re premiering the new song from CONSTRICT called “Bleed for Me” and it’s coming for your skull. This gnarly jam is off their soon to be released record No

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Punk vs. Metal is dead, and Like Rats are its death knell. When this group released their self-titled EP through A389 in 2010, astute listeners could hear that it was a hardcore band’s take on death metal. That release placed Like Rats squarely in league with A389 titans like Integrity,

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The LDB 2020 Fest just took place and the line up was beyond stacked!!! Check out these insanely awesome photos by Gabe Becerra. NO OPTION SANCTION SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY DAY TWO DARE HANDS OF GOD KNOCKED LOOSE

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I’m not even going to talk about all of the fucked up shit happening in the world, but I will say that it’s good fuel for good music especially Hardcore Punk Rock. I can’t overstate how important this genre has been to the world for almost 40 years. It’s given

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Since I picked up the first issue of Maximum Rock N Roll in 1982, I’ve been inspired by Punk from outside of North America. So today I want to turn you on to four kick ass bands from Singapore. All of them sound different and bring vital energy to the

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