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I know something you don’t – that Deveikuth’s soon to be released project entitled Cadavre is sick as FUCK! Now it’s time to tease you with this visual – Deveikuth will drop this filthy sludge drone offering on Nov. 22nd, so stay tuned!   Dvkth is : – Zero –

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One band that has created their own universe is AMENRA. Check out this footage of their most recent Fire Ritual… We will be bringing unreleased as well as released heavy work. Johan is making a 6m high statue as we speak as a testimony to our 20 years existence and

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DISROTTED Bootlegged – Live at Asakusa Deathfest 2019 is HEAVY af and I fucking love it! This band creates the kind slow-moving sludge that makes me happy to be alive. All I can say is that DISROTTED is the bomb and their latest album out now on Feast of Tentacles

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Will Butler, the man behind To Live A Lie Records, has a special ear. TLAL’s release history is populated with essential hardcore, fastcore, grindcore, and powerviolence releases. Butler’s seal-of-approval is not to be ignored. These three debut LPs by some of the hardest working bands around are no exceptions. Joy

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Two of the weirdest bands from the UK heavy underground, KUROKUMA and UNDER, have collaborated on a release that takes their weird to a whole new level! As soon as I hit play on the KUROKUMA track “The Tides of Time,” I was sinking underwater into an Atlantean dream…icy cold, dreamy, and driving,

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Don’t get too comfortable, because you’ve got a tsunami of riffs rolling towards you! This mighty sonic wave is the sludge/doom band TUSKAR, and they’ll lay waste to you and everything you love with their unrelenting heaviness. Today we’re sharing their upcoming release The Monolith Sessions EP, a 3-track live session

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