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This is insanely awesome: Dystopia performing live at a the Gilman in 1997!  

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This Sri Lankan band is shrouded in mystery. No one knows who they are, the members remaining anonymous. In fact, they go without a proper name, although the record label deems it appropriate to call them “Mahasona” after the demonic entity featured on the cover of this, their first demo.

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Are you ready to give props to BLACK ROYAL for bringing a storm of heavy riffs on their soon to be released record Firebride? You should be, because this is sonic volcanic eruption of molten sludge, and it’s being released by Suicide Records on February 14th. Today we’ve been given

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Certain bands are the foundation of what we do over here at CVLT Nation. One of those bands is California’s Children of God! They have been absent from the scene for a while, but now they’re back in a big way. This band makes heavy soul music that quakes my

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Finishing out this decade, we’ve felt like we’re wading through sludge many times. The music on this list is part of what’s gotten us through the mire and ready to face a new decade! For all you sludge heads, make sure you’re supporting these bands by purchasing their music from

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Today was a heavy day on many levels, and the only thing keeping me sane are the thick, aggro, smashing sounds of SEIZE. Unholy fuck – their soon to be released album Ashes, via the always on point Sludgelord Records // Pink Lemonade Records, is the fucking bomb! Press play

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