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Fuck hype – some bands go unnoticed and need to be fucking heard! Mevrimna is one of those bands – straight up, their new project INHIBIT​/​/​EXHIBIT that just came out digitally is one of the most demented and twisted releases of 2019! Imagine the most depressed and depraved place on

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Last month, we premiered a track from THROATSNAPPER’s forthcoming album About the Dead. Everything about this release leaves you gasping for breath as you’re pummelled into submission by some of the most ghastly sludge to come out this year! Throatsnapper have created something special with this release, infusing a black

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I don’t know what I was expecting from CHARLENE BERETAH – but it wasn’t the addictive, sinister, fuzzy groove and depraved vocals that immediately assaulted my ears when I hit play on the track “My Dream” that we’re sharing with you today! This Swiss band brings something different to the

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Unholy fuck – I feel sick in the head and it’s because of the fucked sounds of the new LORD MANTIS death hymn “Qliphotic Alpha.” Their soon to be released album is called Universal Death Church and comes out on Nov. 22nd via Profound Lore. All I can say is

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A Blackened Sludge band that we totally rate is TERRE! They released an extremely strong self-titled EP at the beginning of the the year. Now they are closing out the year with a split with SLAVESTATE. Today we are premiering their new video for their kick ass song “Beyond Death”

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On Oct. 11th, a very special record comes out by the band COLD IN BERLIN called Rituals of Surrender via New Heavy Sounds. This band’s haunting brand of Occult Gothic Doom is addictive and enchanting. The vocals on this album will be a portal into a morbid reality that you

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