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Punk vs. Metal is dead, and Like Rats are its death knell. When this group released their self-titled EP through A389 in 2010, astute listeners could hear that it was a hardcore band’s take on death metal. That release placed Like Rats squarely in league with A389 titans like Integrity,

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This Friday you need your fix of brand new OSDM and lucky for you we’ve got it right here and motherfucking now! HECATOMBE are releasing their debut s/t record today and we’re streaming it in full below. This shit is fast and furious and is barreling down on you with

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Holy shit! In the unrelenting tsunami of Metal and Hardcore releases it’s easy to forget that nobody has made a Grindcore record quite like Internal Rot’s Grieving Birth in a long time, or if they have, it’s slipped beneath the proverbial radar. Internal Rot successfully marry their spiritual predecessors, namely

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It’s time to celebrate the end and beginning of a new decade with Fire in the Mountains 2020! This celebration of music in the wilderness happens in The Tetons, Wyoming from July 10-12 2020 – make sure you get your tickets here. There are literally too many amazing bands on

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Fraud Riffs, y’all Posers, that’s that shit I don’t likeYour shit’ make believe, Screaming ’bout my own life(Woo!) That’s rare Fool, (Woo!) Ric Flair Goon A fuckboy Nazi, that’s that shit I don’t like (Bang, bang)A snitch ass Buster, that’s that shit I don’t like (Bang, bang)A bitch ass Fence

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Read the full list here: Black women fucking shred. I know this because I have had the honor of seeing a lot of them do it in person, but I also know that when it comes to instrumentation (and a few other things) our culture likes to highlight the

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