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Will Butler, the man behind To Live A Lie Records, has a special ear. TLAL’s release history is populated with essential hardcore, fastcore, grindcore, and powerviolence releases. Butler’s seal-of-approval is not to be ignored. These three debut LPs by some of the hardest working bands around are no exceptions. Joy

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You know how we roll over here at CVLT Nation; we always try to bring you the new hot shit that is going to have you head banging to your death. Case in point is the new CHTHONIC DEITY record entitled Reassembled In Pain that is coming out on Oct.

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Legendary metal act GWAR performed at The Roseland Theatre in Portland, Oregon this past Friday, October 18th, 2019. Tour support included Sacred Reich, Toxic Holocaust, and Against the Grain. Moshing, gushing fake blood, and crowd surfing were just some of the treats experienced by attendees at the sold-out show. Tons

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Savage Brutal Primitive Visceral Mayhem Power Filth are some of the words that come to mind as I listen to the new HATE PROPAGANDA record World War 666 that comes out on Nov. 8th via War Arts Productions. Their music is not meant for the weak of heart, but for

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Today CVLT Nation is proud to bring you the full stream of an utter sonic abomination unlike anything else out there. On their debut double LP Typhomanteia: Sacred Triarchy of Spiritual Putrefaction coming out tomorrow October 25 on Sentient Ruin (US LP), Caligari Records (tape), and Clavis Secretorvm (EU LP/CD),

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What do aliens from a slime world listen to when they’re barreling towards Earth? What gets their oily green blood pumping as they’re getting ready to wipe out the populations they find on our glistening blue planet? I imagine all their cockpits are blasting XENO OOZE! This band has their

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