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Remember when we posted that amazing new LIÉ video for “Digging in the Desert” a couple weeks ago? Well they have another one live for the single “Drowning in Piss” and it’s even better! It’s also off their upcoming album You Want It Real that’ll be out in February 2020

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OLD PAINLESS wants you to know that ALL BOYS ARE GOOD BOYS WHEN THEY ARE HELD IN OLD PAINLESS’ LOVING ARMS. Hailing from Belgium and co-signed by our favorite label Consouling Sounds, Old Painless makes extreme rap that makes me feel like I’m od’ing on lean and watching the world fade to

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The moment I saw Prince on American Bandstand in 1979 I knew my life would never be the same! He represented a form of Black Masculinity that was not rooted in toxic masculinity. He made me feel normal while I was surrounded by Black men who were only comfortable fitting

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Excuse me as I turn you on to SCUM COUCH and their intense Noise Rock world that’s packed with rocking vibes! Our homies over at Fuzz Records are back at it and will be releasing a new record by SCUM COUCH – Righteous Climb EP – that can be ordered

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I wasn’t ready. The better part of 5 years ago, my band at the time traveled up to Richmond, VA to play a loaded bill of assorted metal. I had heard the name Voarm prior to the evening, but had no idea what was in store. I was completely awe

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I’m not joking. This video comes with a “flickering images” warning. But at the same time as it feels like an assault, it’s also kind of beautiful. Of course, T.O.M.B. make music for destruction and disease, not for beauty, but the colors in this video are lovely. “No Return” is

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