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Dead Register’s 2018 album Captive made some of my top ten lists and is still in regular rotation. Today we’re lucky to be premiering the video for the song “Ender” from that album. To coincide with this premiere, I caught up with the band to gain insight into the making

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I can’t lie, the stresses of the world have been weighing on me. When this happens, I always seek out music that will help me transcend what’s going on around me. UUR’s new self-titled tape that has been released by Breathe Plastic Records does just that. This cosmic psychedelic doom

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Chicago’s always angular, forever on point GANSER are back with a new single called “Bad Form.” This band does not follow trends because they are too busy creating rad music that gets all under your skin and makes you want to dance! “Bad Form” is an off kilter post punk

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WALLOWING is a British Sludge//Doom band that you might not be familiar with, but that is about to change! They have created a truly scathing debut LP called Planet Loss that comes out Sept. 13th via Sludgelord Records and Black Voodoo Records. I will tell you this: WALLOWING is tackling

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San Diego has a long history of influential bands and style in the underground music world. A thick family tree of players have splintered into projects that have stomped a plaster cast footprint into vinyl rarities and obscurities. A figurehead in the realm is Mr Bobby Bray, guitar tone manipulator

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She Past Away just released their third studio album Disko Anksiyete in May this year, and it’s a gorgeous celebration of deathrock! This is the kind of music that brings the beautiful ghouls out at night. It makes me want to glare sullenly through black eyeliner and sway on a

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