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If asked what is Satanism in 2020, outward appearances might suggest it’s posturing in the comment sections of Facebook groups. This follows a boom in recent years, with media coverage giving various factions a higher profile. Social clubs aside, what is Satanism in 2020? In order to find the most

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One of the main arguments of white supremacy is that the conditions we face today have no context in history. While white supremacy is happy to claim the accomplishments of Plato and Tesla as evidence for white superiority, it’s unwilling to confront the reality that the genocide and continual debasement

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In the 1940s, a man named became the first editor of the fetish periodical Bizarre Magazine, publishing 26 issues between 1946–1956 under the name John Willie. He acted as editor, illustrator and photographer and put together some of the most extreme pornographic imagery of his day. Our writer Kate did

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This is seriously stomach-churning, but you know what? That’s the kind of shit you weirdos love! The kind of fascinating, disgusting, horrifying, can’t-look-away shit. So today we have the stages of decomposition of a corpse, complete with color photos of each stage from Body Stain to Skeletonization. Yes, body stain

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PAUL DELVAUX was a Belgian artist whose work spanned the 20s through the 80s, and his muses were nudes and skeletons. Although his paintings hearken Renaissance masterpieces, he was heavily criticized for his use of nudity and for the morbidity of his work. After his mother’s death in 1933, he

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As we all know, there are so many different kinds of sexual fetishes, almost too many to name. Long before the rise of the internet, open-minded humans got their kink on by indulging themselves in Rubber Play. Don’t just take my word for it – it’s time for you to

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