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Will Butler, the man behind To Live A Lie Records, has a special ear. TLAL’s release history is populated with essential hardcore, fastcore, grindcore, and powerviolence releases. Butler’s seal-of-approval is not to be ignored. These three debut LPs by some of the hardest working bands around are no exceptions. Joy

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For the past fifteen years, To Live A Lie has been one of the most influential labels focusing on grindcore, fastcore, and powerviolence. Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, the independent label—run mostly single-handedly by Will Butler of the excellent bands Oxidant and Tired of Everything—boasts a Discogs page that

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You know how we roll over here at CVLT Nation; we always try to bring you the new hot shit that is going to have you head banging to your death. Case in point is the new CHTHONIC DEITY record entitled Reassembled In Pain that is coming out on Oct.

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What do aliens from a slime world listen to when they’re barreling towards Earth? What gets their oily green blood pumping as they’re getting ready to wipe out the populations they find on our glistening blue planet? I imagine all their cockpits are blasting XENO OOZE! This band has their

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Swedish crust/punk metal-heads M:40 are back with their fourth album almost seven years after their previous effort “Diagnos”. Recorded at HoboRec/The End studios by Ulf Blomberg, the new album Arvsynd is set for release on September 28 via Suicide Records and Halvfabrikat Records.”This is our darkest and most brutal recording

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Neurosis, Godflesh Yob Review // Photos by Abi Coulson Darktones Photography  On another sweltering day in London it’s worth the sweaty ride on the tube into Kentish Town to witness what could potentially be the show of the year. With the compelling, and mind blowing, line up of YOB, GODFLESH

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