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Swedish anarcho-black metal punks TRESPASSER have recently unleashed their incinerating debut album Чому не вийшло? AKA Why Didn’t It Happen?, a firestorm of anarcho-punk and black metal annihilation that sounds the alarm of the apocalypse, bringing back to mind the glory days of bands like Iskra, while also packing in

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This feature via our comrades Terminal Sound Nuisance This is the second part of my 90’s metallic crust retrospective and I refer you the first one if you need details about its making, perspective and intent.  25 bands with 25 songs of crunchy, groovy, heavy metal-oriented old school crust recorded between

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This feature via our comrades Terminal Sound Nuisance After the resounding success of Terminal Sound Nuisance’s cavemen crust compilation that focused on brutal and fast gruff crust music produced in the 90’s, it was high time I got off my arse and dealt with the other, darker side of crust,

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Deranged dutch raw death metal experimentalists Cryptae are a band like none other, and now this simple fact is becoming more and more apparent and turning into a harrowing new reality. Their 2017 debut demo tape from Sentient Ruin had already hinted at the fact that these two freaks belong

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The terror is real! It’s time now to listen to the new FUTURE TERROR song “Inhuman Condition” and it is a straight fucking caustic anthem! This band’s music inspires me to stand against all of the despotic, corrupt shit that is happening around the world – and in my homeland

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J.J. Anselmi Last year, the Minneapolis metal community lost one of its most talented members, Aziza guitarist-vocalist Sean Michael Tobin. He was only 31. Since Tobin’s passing, his band has kept writing searing metal that defies easy categorization, which is exactly what he would have wanted. “There was a moment

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