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Yap Town Crust Veterans WAR//PLAGUE Unleash A Folly of Flaming Arrows With New LP ‘Manifest Ruination’

After many moons of unleashing the top-notch metallic punk and touring all over the country, Minneapolis’s WAR//PLAGUE have survived the pandemic and are back to their sonic assassination campaign, making ears bleed everywhere with their new LP Manifest Ruination. The full-length spares no energy on lengthy, lethargic intros and instead sprints headlong into a battery barrage of blackened missiles. There’s zero space in this realm to relax and that’s also not what we’re looking for in the high-contrast brutality we’ve come to seek in this outfit.

Celebrating the big 15 this year, the members WAR//PLAGUE have spent time in such heavy hitters as WRATH and TAU CROSS and they’ve done splits with the original stench masters WARWOUND and AXEGRINDER. It’s high time these workhorses get their just desserts and there’s no better moment than the release of this insane plaque. Riff after riff grinds through a prophesied bombed-out landscape, soon to become a reality for many of us and nothing brings us more comfort than the vindication of our greatest concerns manifesting in this contemporary hellscape. There’s nothing nice to say these days so they refuse to say it. Catch the unrelenting madness out now on Phobia Records.

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Life, death, plants and music. Direct all bullshit to shindig109[at]gmail[dot]com

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