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I’m an 80s baby and I’m a sucker for noisy/fuzzy/jangly guitars, steady drum beats and pessimistic vocals and that’s why I’m in love with the debut from Untitled with Drums. Their post/noise rock sound is exactly what got me into music as a teenager, and it’s bringing my angsty youth

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NYC noise rock pioneers LIVE SKULL have reunited after 30 years hiatus to put out a new album that’s inspired by a political climate not too different from the one they wrote about in the 80’s. This is what 30 years of piggybacking off of Reagan’s deregulations and movie-star qualifications

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This list is always impossible to decide, with some (minor) arguing between Sean and I about what goes on a genre list and what goes on our overall best album list. In the end what you get is a mixed bag of genres that will give you a broad overview

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Sometimes it takes a minute for works of art to sink in. Back in the early ‘00s, Tim Macuga and Dan Barrett were quietly working, lurking in the shadows, preparing their project’s debut record. The process took nearly five years, with the resulting Deathconsciousness being merely noticed upon its release.

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Top 10 Noise Rock Songs chosen by all 3 members of BUILDINGS. Part Chimp “Trad” Hands down loudest, heaviest, don’t give a shit band. This song makes you happy to be deaf. Big Black “Bad Penny”Abrasive, obnoxious, and groovy. Sick lyrics. Shorty “Coopie and Me”Silly, fucked up and Mark Shippy

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Ask any woman about Faking, and she’ll tell you they’re a sick noise band from Philadelphia, PA – and that this isn’t the kind of Faking that will leave your fragile ego intact. Faking makes music that has deceptively simple elements that come together to form captivating compositions full of

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