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Electro post-punk/new wave duo SKEMER have created something really special with their album Benevolence that came out on Avant! Records at the end of October. It’s foreboding and ethereal, a gorgeous collaboration between Amenra/Syndrome’s Mathieu Vandekerckhove and vocalist Kim Peers that blends dark and light into an intoxicating sonic synthesis.

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Blood Incantation’s Hidden History of the Human Race is the centerpiece of progressive/technical death metal releases of this year. But, don’t be fooled into thinking that this was all that 2019 had to offer in terms of forward-thinking, technical death metal. Just a week after Blood Incantation’s masterwork, the fiendish

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Today was a heavy day on many levels, and the only thing keeping me sane are the thick, aggro, smashing sounds of SEIZE. Unholy fuck – their soon to be released album Ashes, via the always on point Sludgelord Records // Pink Lemonade Records, is the fucking bomb! Press play

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On Friday the 13th, a very special multi-genre comp comes out entitled Damien Records Compilation Vol. I via Damien Records. It features some of our favorite bands and one of them happens to be LUNACY! Actually, we have been given the honor of premiering their new track “Disappear” off the

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Thrashin’ ain’t an easy business these days. Frankly, there’s more market saturation involved with riffing it up and living out of van than if we all just got some poser office jobs with health insurance. At this point, I’m almost surprised that thrash is still considered a genre of music

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Espectra Negra Tales of Chaos is a record that will expand your mind – taking it to a dark universe where your demons will have brunch with your daymares. What does this collection of songs sound like? I feel that each listener is going to take something different away after

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