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One band that has created their own universe is AMENRA. Check out this footage of their most recent Fire Ritual… We will be bringing unreleased as well as released heavy work. Johan is making a 6m high statue as we speak as a testimony to our 20 years existence and

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Putting the politics back into hardcore front and center, Portland’s Fatal State have been making tough-as-shit, fast hardcore for several years now all while supporting their scene sending solidarity to the wider network of punks and activists kicking into gear to put their foot down against all the aggravating bullshit

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Unholy awesomeness – the new CHAIN CULT album Shallow Grave is the fucking BOMB! Straight up, every song is an anthem that will have you dancing on graves of our oppressors! I love how this band writes songs that are Dark Punk but at the same time so uplifting. When

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Today sees the official release of the new album from ULFBERTH, Process of Clarity. A month ago, I had the pleasure of sharing the title track with you, and now I am overjoyed and humbled to see my words immortalized on the CD release – “feels like it’s taking a

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Berlin’s Linnéa Olsson is a veteran of the metal genre, having been part of numerous notable projects including Beast Milk, The Oath, Grave Pleasures, and Sonic Ritual. Her new project, Maggot Heart, has her as the songwriter and face of the band, which is a first in her career. Since

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AMENRA is a project that goes far beyond what you’d normally associate with a “band.” At the foundations of Church of Ra, there’s an ethos and an artistry behind what they create that transcends the breathtaking sounds they make. When you have the opportunity to witness their live performance, you’ll

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