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Straight up – the world is an ugly place right about now, and ugly music puts my mind at ease! It gives me the clarity I need to see through the bullshit and focus on the darkness that illuminates my life. That’s why the new song “Miserable” by CROWN VIC

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via The Brvtalist The Brvtalist is proud to present a new mix from Sariim. The Moscow-based artist delivers a heavy, infectious set of sounds from across the electronic spectrum. Perfect for your Samhain, Day of the Dead or other ritual listening. Sariim is also involved in the groundbreaking Moscow event

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It’s crazy to think that we’re closing out almost a decade since we started CVLT Nation! We posted our first article in March 2011, and here we are getting ready to publish our 9th annual end of the year lists. This has been an amazing decade in underground music, with

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I know something you don’t – that Deveikuth’s soon to be released project entitled Cadavre is sick as FUCK! Now it’s time to tease you with this visual – Deveikuth will drop this filthy sludge drone offering on Nov. 22nd, so stay tuned!   Dvkth is : – Zero –

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Morast and Vidargängr have a split out that will split your skull! It’s two tracks of unrelenting sonic violence – the Morast track “Shards” starts out like it’s going easy on you, lulling you into submission with a nightmarish melody, until it turns into a monolithic death march. Vidargängr come

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Photos by Marfa Capodanno I first saw Pelican perform live in 2006 as part of their City of Echoes tour and I always felt that it was City of Echoes that found the band settling to a particular tone and modus operandi. Carrying over the heavier elements of Australasia and

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