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Deep within the dense forest of Olympia, Washington lies a massively rooted tree. Beneath dead roots lies a portal into a world unlike any other. The soundtrack, one of consuming death doom created by none other than Mortiferum. Label: Profound Lore Disgorged From Psychotic Depths by MORTIFERUM Their newest offering

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Hail to The Wizard! Check out this really awesome live footage of them performing in 2002. ELECTRIC WIZARD will be performing on the East Coast starting in November…Peep the posters below. We will always and forever be HUGE ELECTRIC WIZARD fans!!!    

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Creeping Death crawl out of the crypt and simply slam your face into the concrete over and over again on this, their first full-length album. This is some old-school, pit-refined, groovy Death Metal. Add some thrash, season liberally with some black, and you get this classic slab of crushing death.

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Bands like Extended Hell are needed right now in this world because they shed light on the fucked up shit going on in the world. As a black man born in America, most of my life I felt like I was being hunted by the criminal justice system, aka modern

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I was once given these words of wisdom by a friend: whenever I see a CAT PARTY record, I should buy it without question! So I bought the first one I saw, the self-titled record, I totally agree, because they are one of the greatest Post-Punk bands that you’ve never

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MORILD are insanely rad Black Metal band from Denmark, who came out with their unrelenting album Så kom mørket in February of this year. On the day of their album release, they played a very special show at the Danish National Aquarium Den Blå Planet in Copenhagen. The setting is takes

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