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Today we’re stoked to finally bring you something that has been widely anticipated and that will surely end up sitting atop the pack of elite war metal releases this year. It was 2016 when Canadian war lords PROFANE ORDER first unleashed their sonic warfare upon the world in the form

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CASKET HUFFER is back in a BIG way and are fucking killing shit, straight up!!! Their new album Filth Ouroboros comes out on Nov. 15th via Hibernation Release Records and is the soundtrack to everything BRUTAL! I am so fucking stoked for this band because they deserve all of the

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Listening to this album is a little bit like being strapped down to a chair, Clockwork Orange-style, eyes wedged and forced open, watching a loop of the scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre where Sally is tied-up at the family table, enduring the madness of the night, and the only moment

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There are many ways to be radical in a troubled and troubling world, and they don’t all involve heavy-handed political messages. Smoulder may focus on dragons, swords, and fantasy in their lyrics, but that doesn’t mean there feet aren’t planted firmly in the real world. We talked to Sarah Kitteringham,

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Are you fucking ready for the 4 way split from GENOCIDE SHRINES, HERESIARCH, TREPANATION & SERPENTS ATHIRST that comes out on July 26th via Cyclopean Eye Productions!? This sonic beast is freaking unrelenting and never lets up! CVLT Nation is streaming this split in full below and it can ordered

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Sometimes I have visions of impaling all Vatican priests on rusty, diseased spikes! What band’s music would be the perfect soundtrack for this day of morbid fun? ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE‘s insane brand of dirged-filled Demonic Beastial War Metal is the kind of music that would be my choice! They have

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