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Text & Photos by Jorge Silva Just a mere three weeks after Scott Kelly played in that very same room, it was time for Michael Gira to grace the stage at Passos Manuel (a venue that once was a cinema and that maintains its’ seated places). The rain that had

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Ferdinand Cheval (1836-1924) was a postman by day and a pebble-dashing architectural artist by night. One day he literally stumbled on a strangely shaped stone, picked it up and took it home. From then on, if he found any stones he liked on his daily mail based wanders he would

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KRIEGHALLEN is a collective effort paying tribute to the legendary albums that were recorded in the 1990s at Grieghallen studio, Bergen, Norway. This 32-page book showcases 20 of today’s most respected dark artists from all over the world into a gorgeous, bleak and evil collection of illustrations. The curator, Valnoir

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HÄXAN: Witchcraft Through the Ages, Benjamin Christensen’s 1922 silent movie about witchcraft, was highly controversial because of the “graphic” portrayals of nudity and the dark arts, and was banned from screening in the US. A collection of photos of said demonic images is now up for auction here. Check out

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I love street posters – they tell you what’s happening in your city, but they’re also artistic wallpaper for our streets. These hilarious street posters may not be “art” in the literal sense, but they are fucking funny. Anyone who has had a bike stolen, or lost a pet to

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via Bored Panda Our technologically-obsessed society often finds it hard to grasp the reasons behind asceticism: for what reason should one forsake all of one’s earthly possessions and live excluded from society? This stunning set of portraits by Brooklyn-based photographer Joey L puts us face to face with religious ascetics

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