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I love street posters – they tell you what’s happening in your city, but they’re also artistic wallpaper for our streets. These hilarious street posters may not be “art” in the literal sense, but they are fucking funny. Anyone who has had a bike stolen, or lost a pet to

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via Bored Panda Our technologically-obsessed society often finds it hard to grasp the reasons behind asceticism: for what reason should one forsake all of one’s earthly possessions and live excluded from society? This stunning set of portraits by Brooklyn-based photographer Joey L puts us face to face with religious ascetics

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Saint Hoax is an artist whose paintings are a commentary on pop culture and politics. Who is Saint Hoax? That’s a mystery, but whomever he or she is, they have been invited to display this hilarious series of drag portraits of world leaders in London, but were denied a visa

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Text Brad Feuerhelm Photography Brad Feuerhelm & Janie Jones via Dazed Digital Death and photography have always been a close collaborator in my world and in 2011, I visited the Capuchin Catacombs for the first time. I became aware of the crypts in Palermo in 1998, when I started collecting

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Scrolling through these mugshots from 1930s Newcastle, it’s hard not to think about the kind of lives these men lived before they ended up in this police book. I imagine being born in the slums of the late 1800s, where thieving was the only thing that kept you alive. The

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There is no shame in my game, I’m a mammoth fan when it comes to ELECTRIC WIZARD and I look forward to the day when everything they created is in our vinyl collection. When I hold any of their albums in my hand, I just want to roil one up

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