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I know people for whom the battle with demons for their soul is very real – and I’m willing to bet that if you live in the US, you probably know a few people like that too. They are constantly calling out for Jesus/Allah/Spaghetti Monster to protect them from the

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WES LANG is one of those contemporary artists that I have respect for. His work almost reminds of teenagers doodling in their notebooks when they should be listening to their teacher. Wes’ stuff is not serious in the normal sense of the word, and it is very American. He has

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Flesh pressed into synthetic mesh, a second skin holding guts in – nylon stockings can be sexy, but also grotesque when in the hands of Dutch sculptor Rosa Verloop. Her nylon sculptures use stockings packed and pinned or stitched into haunting faces and twisted bodies. There is a movement in

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Sun of Nothing and The Pecan Tree: BTBAM & DFHVN show review & photographs by Saul Torres This year I’ve seen a lot of interesting tours happening in the U.S. I call them interesting because of the very weird/amazing line up. In this case, for me, the line up was

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Who is Max G. Morton? There’s a surprising dearth of information online about this writer and publisher; a Google search yields about two articles, while in comparison, an eBay search usually shows up one or more of his books going for upwards of two hundred bucks each. So who the

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via Beautiful Decay For the surrealist painter Vincent Castiglia, his “work is literally a blood sacrifice on the altar of art;” using up to 30 vials of his own blood for his darkly sprawling paintings, he hopes to imbue his richly philosophical work with his own living tissue. The artist’s

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