Post Punk Super Heroes!
The Art of Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy is an artist out of Brazil who gives a twist to pop-culture by working punk and post-punk into his paintings of superheroes. While he does cover characters from both the Marvel and D/C universes, I am a Marvel guy, so that’s what you are getting here. So get ready to get your geek on.

Moz has a lot of repressed anger, so the Bruce Banner route is easy to see, however the Hulk has a little too much meat for his taste. The Hulk is the personification of the Id, whereas Morrissey’s mystique is about the repression of that aspect. Still, two of my favorite entities combined into one is hard for me to complain too much about.


Spider-man seems like a morbid pairing with Ian Curtis, since his attempt at swings through the air was less than successful. Peter Parker is a hopeless romantic, but I can imagine Bruce Banner listening to Moz before I can picture Peter Parker listening to Joy Division.


Night Crawling makes for a pretty good Robert Smith. Kurt is deeply religious, so doubtful he indulges in much punk rock. I can see him bamfing around to “Love Cats.” Both Robert and Kurt are introspective in their heroics.


These two are the best matched, and characters you might not be familiar with if your only exposure to Marvel is via the movies, but this summer when Age of Ultron comes out, everyone will know both Wanda and her android ex. Scarlet Witch feels much more like Siouxsie than she would someone who is an actual witch, like Stevie Nicks or Diamanda Galas. Siouxsie might even be on the happy side for Scarlet Witch, who got her start as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil mutants. Side note: Marvel doesn’t own the rights to the word “mutant” anymore, so don’t expect things to go that way on screen. Though she will be a villain at first.


Who better to be depicted as an android than Gary Numan, who makes a great Vision. I am sure the Vision wakes up to “Are Friends Electric,” and yes I am that crazy that I think about what fictional characters do in their spare time. Numan is more intangible than diamond hard, but this is still a perfect fit.



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