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Growing up, I was always a fan of scary movies and looked forward to fright night. More than Frankenstein, I was a bigger fan of Count Dracula and the actor who played him, Bela Lugosi. I spent many nights rooting for the bad guys to get the girl and kill

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The Argentinean artist Juan Gatti flipped the script with his anatomical drawings that are journeys into a different part of the imagination. Each one of the pieces is full of details that will have you looking at them in wonderment!    

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ArtBizarreGraphic Design

Good morning. I just put together a collection of weird and humorous gifs for your enjoyment. If you could see inside my brain, this is what my brian looks like on Monday (actually Sunday…maybe I should start going to church). I wish it was my job to find these…oh yeah,

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Sometimes when a person looks deeply into things, society at large labels them an outsider. So was the case with Paul Laffoley and the art world who labeled his magical art as outsider. I cannot say I understand Paul’s work, but I will say that it moves me to the

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Apocalyptic BluesArtFilmMusicPhotography

Text & Photos by Jorge Silva Just a mere three weeks after Scott Kelly played in that very same room, it was time for Michael Gira to grace the stage at Passos Manuel (a venue that once was a cinema and that maintains its’ seated places). The rain that had

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Ferdinand Cheval (1836-1924) was a postman by day and a pebble-dashing architectural artist by night. One day he literally stumbled on a strangely shaped stone, picked it up and took it home. From then on, if he found any stones he liked on his daily mail based wanders he would

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