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Text and Photos: Darryl Reid Hard Charger Fredericton’s Hard Charger play some grotesque bastardization of Crust, D-beat and Death Metal that is fucking brutal. I don’t know what’s in the water on the east coast of Canada, but they need to ship some of that shit over here.

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As a kid and burgeoning adolescent I spent almost every weekend for a period of years longer than I’m willing to admit at the local shopping centre. When you start to measure the passage of time by shopping mall additions and renovations you know you’re in trouble. It wasn’t just

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My eyes have just taken a journey to a place where fantasy connects with art to create something otherworldly. I have spent much of the day gazing at the artwork of Yoann Lossel. This human sees the world through the beauty of flames. He is able to balance the occult,

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Do I love Street Art? Hell yes! While traveling all over Europe, it struck me that an art form that had started in NYC was now global. Now some of my favourite artists are from that part of the world. I came across this very interesting feature: the doomed village

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There are a lot of things we put up on CVLT Nation that are intentionally terrifying, gory and brutal – but no other post I have done yet has shaken me like these photos by George Georgiou taken in psychiatric wards in Serbia and Kosovo between 1999 and 2002. The

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“Between us, there always seemed to exist some deeper identification, born of a deep, unspoken bond; an underlying sense of kinship. It was as if loving Narcisa was like loving some wayward, feral strand of myself; a distorted funhouse mirror image of my own brutalised, mangled, forgotten inner child, restructured

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