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Dani Filth has had a long and storied career, but despite all the controversies Cradle of Filth are in the strongest position they’ve been in years, undergoing a lineup shift that’s re-invigorated their live performance. Just before setting out on an expansive world tour, he took a moment to sit

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There’s a grotesque horde heading your way from Switzerland – EGGS OF GOMORRH are out for for your blood! On March 18th, their latest spawn Outpregnate will be clawing its way out of its shell via Krucyator Productions. Today we’re bringing its blasphemous sounds to you in the form of

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Vomiting Black Death – Ossuarium’s Living Tomb So this one really is a belcher, and strangely, almost prog in its density and intensity. Ossuarium presents an album that is at once purely Death and yet meandering, heaving, and tumultuous. It deals out riffs like candy during Halloween and twisting, harrowing

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Norway’s KATECHON has been creating next level Death Metal since 2012 when they released their insanely epic demo! 6 years later they are back with their new album entitled Sanger Fra Auschwitz that comes out on March 1st via Saturnal Records. Right here and now CVLT Nation is streaming their new song

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Punishing is a term used in the heavy music world almost recklessly. While everyone from hardcore bands to noise artists will certainly accept “hey your set was punishing” as a complement, its often used as meaningless filler when people can’t find the words to describe what they’re hearing/seeing. If you’re

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Hey Kim how are you? My brain feels like it’s melting out of my earholes, ha! Six months of nonstop planning are about to come to fruition over the next couple of days—there are so many moving parts to an event of this magnitude, but luckily I have the best

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