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Black Death

listen to 3 shots of blistering grind/black/death metal from FILTH CHASM

WTF! I’ve got to say it one more time louder: WTF!!!! The new FILTH CHASM demo tape is a Black Death beast that goes straight for the jugular and never lets go! Every minute of this release proves that new bands can bring the rage harder than most. To say that I’m into this band would be a lie because I’m fucking addicted to them! FILTH CHASM’s songs are brutal, yes indeed, but it’s their sinister complex audio portals of torture that really fucking get me going. Join us as we celebrate the release of one of our favorite demos of 2021. We want to give a huge shout to Stygian Black Hand for releasing the FILTH CHASM tape on Sept. 3rd

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Relapse DF 92123
Sentient 51423

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