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Black Death

Listen to the hate-festering obscene Sonic torment of CROSSSPITTER “The Bloody Work”

Fuck you and the fucked religion you feed to the masses! Fuck you and your brainwashing of the masses! CROSSSPITTER is here to spit on your LIES with their sinister and vile demo entitled Dry & Grinding Mouth. Are you keeping score? Stygian Black Hand is running up the numbers with insanely hateful release after release, and they’ve done it again! The full offering will come out on Dec. 3rd, and trust me when I say this CROSSPITTER is a band that will wreck shop for years to come. Every fucking second of this demo is punishing, and the feral demonic vocals are crazy enchanting in a “death comes ripping” sort of way! CVLT Nation is extremely excited to share with you their song “The Bloody Work.”

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