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Canada’s darling chef Matty Matheson is creating something real fuckin’ special for us with Roadrunner Records – a vinyl cookbook, and it’s called A Cookbook. It’s the first cookbook to be released on vinyl, plus it will be the first audio cookbook available on streaming platforms. He’s also got a

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“Sweet lovely death, I am waitin’ for your breath. Come, sweet death, one last caress”– Glenn Danzig via Flashbak Franz Fiedler (17 February 1885 in Prostějov, Austria-Hungary – 5 February 1956 in Dresden, GDR) was a photographer. This album of c. 1925 photos comprises gelatin silver prints shows a nude

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Imagine. A return to a mystical land, where there are many burials but no funerals. Twenty thousand here, ten thousand there. Give or take a dozen either way. An attempt to hide an entire people under soil. What a valiant and audacious plan! Here they go again. Drinking the black

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Some of the earliest posts I did for CVLT Nation were my Creepiest Photo Albums, and they have been some of the most popular posts we’ve ever published. I spend a lot of time scouring the internet for weird and creepy images, especially vintage ones, and one of the best

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In our current times, certain presidents yearn for complete power. Some have achieved this already. Chiseling away at established checks-and-balances systems and boundaries of decency, some pine for the day when they see glory in derided systems of the world’s history. One established weapon throughout the history of dictators is

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Tyshawn Jones is fucking awesome and this documentary shows you why!  

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