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Imagine you’re at a flea market or in a library. You target some juicy old book, open it and…find out it’s filled with personal notes and doodles on the pages’ margins. Ever happened in real life? If you’re one of those people who value books as a sacred objects and

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Being a preteen from central Illinois at the time, Slipknot’s self-titled album spoke to me. It was the first album and band that I truly found on my own, which is an incredibly important moment of music discovery for me. This album changed my life, straight up. Released by Roadrunner

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This feature was taken from The Line up If you’re ever hoping to keep yourself awake late at night, just think about the fact that not all serial killers get caught. In fact, some of the most terrifying serial killers of all time remain unidentified.  Case in point: the murderers

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If I had to pick my longest running passion (even before sex) it would be skateboarding! I love everything about this art form, even busting my ass. Now that I am a little older, I don’t do it as much but I still have mad respect for it. On the

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Hail Satan? by filmmaker Penny Lane is an eye-opening look at 21st century Satanism This feature was taken from Dazed Digital “The night Donald Trump was elected president, we saw a huge spike in people becoming members of the Satanic Temple,” says Lucien Greaves, enigmatic leader of the dynamic and rapidly growing religion. In

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Time gradually strips away the importance of historical events in the public consciousness, relegating all but the most seismic events or those who loomed large in the popular zeitgeist to footnotes. New media accelerates this process, with historical events and agents (and pop culture is included in this) being elevated

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