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This film is interesting from start to finish. I had to watch this because I find it fascinating to see criminal science discover grim and creative ways to solve murder cases. I have a feeling you will feel the same way – press play below and find out…  

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The story of the Ruth Snyder Execution photograph and how “ruthless Ruth” became the subject of the most famous tabloid picture ever taken and the crime that shocked the nation. The room was cold, and the air was palpable as Ruth Snyder walked into the execution chamber. Staring her down was the chair that she would spend her last moments in. Though she knew the chair was an inanimate object,

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It’s good to be reminded of the influence our foremothers and forefathers have had on us, that’s why I love following @50ftquennie – they post quality live footage of some of punk’s founders on a daily basis. Whether it’s Wendy O Williams, Kira Roessler or Blondie, I am so inspired

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Feature via from Dazed Digital If John Waters’ biggest fan had an instagram account, it would be that of Crete-born Jonny Seven’s eponymous page @jonny_seven. Essentially, it’s an ode to mundanity, with a side order of the eerie, the gross, and the uncanny thrown in: think flip flops with a

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via Vice  In September 1979, I shadowed Lolo Pigalle for few weeks. She was the oldest stripper in the old Parisian neighborhood of Pigalle—today she’s gone. She was an intelligent and refined woman which meant that she was very respected in the area. To me, she represented a kind of

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Do you ever look at skate videos in amazement, wondering – how the hell did they pull that off? On the flipside are the skateboarding fails where you see humans sacrifice their wellbeing in order to pull off a trick. Check out these gnarly fails that will make you screech

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