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My friend Isabella is looking for a haunted jester, and the other day she was posting some of her options on her instagram. I was immediately riveted by the idea of finding haunted objects. Even though I have spent years obsessed with hauntings, for some reason I had never thought

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Photographer: Jack Pitt Based in: Vancouver, BC/London, UK IG: @jackpitt ONE: MYSTIC INANE, London, September 2016   This is probably one of my favourite photos. It pretty much encapsulates what I hope to capture every time I bring my camera to a show. A good friend of mine, Joe Briggs

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Have you ever bombed a San Francisco hill on a skateboard? I have and it’s no joke. It’s all good at first, then the speed wobbles kicks in and you start to shit yourself. Then the next thing you know you have the taste of asphalt in your mouth because

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For anyone who’s into bondage fashion or leather lingerie, CREEPYYEHA is a household name. I have been lusting after their creations for years now, imagining myself caged in leather and steel and feeling like I could crush the world. In my imagination, my warrior self wears something designed and hand

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The culture of mankind has from its earliest stirrings been dominated by the interplay between sex and death, creating representations ridiculous and sublime, determined by the cultural fancies and technological limits of the time. And the web has intertwined Eros and Thanatos in ways that cater for any proclivity, with

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Imagine you’re at a flea market or in a library. You target some juicy old book, open it and…find out it’s filled with personal notes and doodles on the pages’ margins. Ever happened in real life? If you’re one of those people who value books as a sacred objects and

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