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via Hypebeast The Tokyo-based skateboarding facility, famed Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama has returned with yet another collaborative project – glossing the floors of QUCON with his signature black and white photographs. The result is a unique blend of a vivid art installation and a smooth skate facility. The installation comes with a

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As someone once said to Faustus, try your brains and gain a deity, thought Brianna. The end of the beginning. Firstly, Brianna must be magically consecrated if she is in turn to become a magician. She must set herself free from the everyday world, her world; disconnect her connections, for

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Halloween sure has changed since it became a staple of western holidays. It used to be all about the mask – what you wore wasn’t as important as having a mask with a creepy, dead-eyed stare that looked like it might be suffocating you. Maybe because of the suffocation factor,

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Halloween is a time to celebrate the spooky, the scary, and the frightening. A reason for kids to don masks and demand candy from neighbors, and an excuse for some adults to dress in outlandish, sexy, or terrifying guises that would not be socially acceptable the rest of the year.

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via Dallas Observer In case you haven’t had the displeasure: “Incels” — an abbreviation of “involuntary celibates” — are a group of men who meet in the dark corners of the web to support each other’s rampant and often violent misogyny. For as long as the incel subculture has been

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Canada’s darling chef Matty Matheson is creating something real fuckin’ special for us with Roadrunner Records – a vinyl cookbook, and it’s called A Cookbook. It’s the first cookbook to be released on vinyl, plus it will be the first audio cookbook available on streaming platforms. He’s also got a

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