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Freaky, Sleazy, Surreal, Magical – these are the words that come to my melted mind as I stare at the work of ARTUŠ SCHEINER. What I love about his work is the strong sense of freedom I get from his pictures, and the weird and wonderful places he lets his imagination

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I’ve been a long time admirer ov Matt Minter’s art. The striking mainly black and white images he produces always struck a cord with me. Harking back to the art ov old hardcore and noise tapes and VHS body horror and giallo movies, they are right up my street. I

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Ernest Fairchild was his birth name, but all of us in the comic world knew him as EVIL ERNIE. The year was 1991 when he burst on to the scene. What made EVIL ERNIE such a good comic to read was the stories that Brian Pulido wrote for him. What

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Brian Uhl (@gentlemercies) interviews Glyn Smyth (@glynsmyth) Brian Uhl: You’ve mentioned being influenced by the likes of Jean Delville and Franz Von Stuck, both of whom exhibit elements of Romanticism which I also see glowing through your own art at times. A lot of figures in this style have the

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I’ve seen a lot of BDSM art in my CVLT Nation career, from all over the world, past and present. InHumanHead creates playful BDSM art that stands apart from what I’ve covered on these pages in the past – this artist’s work has a playful style and punk aesthetic that I

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Modern warfare is a tool of the elite, and one of their most masterful PR campaigns. They have convinced huge swathes of society that it encompasses the most noble of all human actions and emotions, and is something to revere and respect. All the while, it reduces humanity to our

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