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Torture Devices For Frat Houses And Lodges From A 1908 Catalogue

The worst job I have ever seen my mother work growing up was when she became a cook for a frat house at UC Berkeley. Seeing privileged young white males boss my mom around made me feel like she was a slave to those dickheads. I have never been a fan of any sort of fraternity, no matter the color, because I know that their roots go deep in racism and sexism. Plus, I don’t see why men need to have spanking parties to prove their masculinity. Read what the DeMoulin Brothers & Co. of Greenville, Illinois, stated in their 1908 catalog of frat house and lodge torture devices:

“WE MAKE EVERYTHING FOR EVERY LODGE – Our extended experience, our knowledge of the wants of our customers, and our advantages over other manufacturers enable us to furnish superior grade of goods at prices that defy competition. We solicit correspondence from, and information concerning prospective purchasers. All inquiries given prompt attention. We give our best advice, the benefit of our best judgment and render every possible assistance to those who contemplate purchasing any goods in our line. This service is free for the asking…

“Every article in this catalog is guaranteed to be exactly as represented. Prospective purchasers can consult our catalogs with a feeling of absolute confidence in the goods offered.”

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