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We’ve reached out final list of the 2010’s. It’s time for us to go into hibernation for a couple of weeks and get ready to come out swinging in the 2020’s. These albums will keep us on ice until then…   FIFTEEN – Byyrth, Cold Autumn Shadows Byyrth’s Cold Autumn

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This list is always impossible to decide, with some (minor) arguing between Sean and I about what goes on a genre list and what goes on our overall best album list. In the end what you get is a mixed bag of genres that will give you a broad overview

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We get super excited about demos every year because they’re a taste of what a new band has to offer! So here are some of the most special demos we heard this year…   TEN – Mephitic Corpse, Immense Thickening Vomit Mephitic Corpse‘s Immense Thickening Vomit record is straight fucking foul old

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TEN – ZYGOME//KALTBRUCHING ACIDEATH We own this record so trust me when I say that it’s killer fucking crust and no filler!!! KALTBRUCHING ACIDEATH split LP by ZYGOME   NINE – Coltsblood//Un The Coltsblood and Un split is a slow, low and heavy experience! Allow these two bands to open

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Straight up – 2019 was a rad year for Hardcore! So stay tuned to CVLT Nation in 2020, because we promise to cover more of it! Support these bands!!!   FIFTEEN – FRONTSIDE, Society’s View Have you heard FRONTSIDE? If you haven’t then now is your chance, and I’m sure

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Funeral Doom is about loss, about grief, about devastation – these are things I’ve felt deeply over the past couple of years, and music like this helps me process the emotional rollercoaster. This list is short and sweet and very meaningful for us. Enjoy and support!   SIX – Il

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