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Check out this insanely BESTIAL performance from our comrades INFERNAL COIL in NYC. This epic event was captured by unARTigNYC. FYI INFERNAL COIL soon to be released by Profound Lore, so stay tuned for more news on that front and for now press play below… HEAD BANG BASTARDS!!!    

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Straight UP! Of Feather and Bone are about to release one of the sickest Death Metal records of 2018 entitled Bestial Hymns of Perversion via Profound Lore. I am super stoked that they curated an amazing Death Metal Mixtape for our 7th anniversary because it’s beyond a fucking BANGER…It’s a sonic

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Australian death metal band Portal has been largely an enigma in all of its existence, using dissonance and chaotic arrangements to mar throngs of listeners who attempt to explore the band’s wildly revenant idea of what music fits the label ‘extreme.’ Many fans fail to get just what quality Portal

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France’s doom cult giants MONARCH! have a new album in the works, and today we are honored to be able to share with you a track from their upcoming release Never Forever entitled “Of Night, With Knives.” This track brings the weight of the world down upon your grey cells with each

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Despite their releases being few and sparse, Loss should be considered extreme doom/death royalty. This is also depicted in the collaborations they have done, releasing split records with Necros Christos and Worship, at a time when both those acts were still getting their footing in the extreme metal scene. It

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Rare do we as listeners have a chance to witness a band evolve like Full of Hell has. To wit, their debut LP, Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home has been a consistent favorite since it was discovered perusing Toxicbreed’s Funhouse back in 2011 and has yet to leave

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