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Black Metal

3 Black Metal Albums that are pushing the genre Forward!

Straight up, these are three Black Metal releases that I feel are extremely important to the genre and beyond. All of these bands bring their own unique creative vision to the game and are pushing the art form into other realms. More than just how these records sound, what really rings true to me is how these records make me feel. It might be premature, but I have a feeling that each of these bands will be at the top of the end of year list because they are that fucking RAW!!!


I remember when I heard the SPIRIT POSSESSION demo – it blew my mind and I was at a loss for words! Now with their self-titled album, I find myself saying, damn, this band is on some next level shit! From the riffs to the vocals, they are unrelenting and powerful. All of their songs are vast sonic storms of blackened fury that rock nonstop! One word that comes to mind is FERAL because this band’s vibe is unhinged but focused on a macabre sense of melody! I can’t front, SPIRIT POSSESSION has a creeped out Raw Punk vibe that totally gets me hyped – you probably can’t tell. I want to salute the band for having such a strong vision and music. Respect to Profound Lore for releasing this new underground gem!

Skáphe: Skáphe³

Otherworldly and drugged-out are words that come to mind when I lose myself while listening to Skáphe. If I had to compare their audio walls of torment to an art movement it would be Abstract or Surreal. Their songs morph into whirlwinds of thick pain that pull the listener into these worlds were no humanity dwells. It’s their demented arms of sonic primal empathy that makes you wonder what planet is this music coming from. With each release, Skáphe has manifested new soundscapes and Skáphe³ is bringing us into a new portal. More than just Black Metal, this project is honest because they are willing to create from a place of true freedom! Respect due to Mystískaos for putting out this incredible album!

HAGETISSE the seven sorrows of the virgin

What the fuck – HAGETISSE is so fucking good because it sounds like nothing else I have heard all year! Yes, it’s brutal, but it’s also so ethereal plus transcendental. I love the fact that this project follows no rules and sounds so ancient at times! Their record “the seven sorrows of the virgin” needs to get the props it deserves and we are here to shed light on this masterpiece. HAGETISSE creates these twisted layers of black bliss that I find enchanting. Some songs cut at your flesh while others hug you to sleep. I could listen to the song “with the knives on our throats we step into the fire” all day on repeat and never get bored! Nuff respect due to Analög Ragnarök for releasing such a stellar tape!!!

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Sentient 51423

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