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Full of Hell has come a long way. Their debut album, Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home, has remained a personal favorite since it’s 2011 release. Their followup, Rudiments of Mutilation, was a noise-punk masterpiece, despite it not capturing the same fervor of their debut. Around and between these

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US Tour FOH Starts Today!!! Details HERE!!! With a sound that mixes grind, sludge, hardcore and noise, Full of Hell is one of the best (and heaviest) new bands of the underground scene in the US. This quartet from Maryland has an experimental vibe which translates itself into more noise

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Some of you might not have heard of Mayuko Hino. There are a number of reasons for this. Hino was a key player in the noise scene in Japan that became part of a cultural exchange that David Novak, in his book Japanoise, calls ‘Cool Japan’. What ‘Cool Japan’ refers

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Early note, obviously not everyone will agree with my opinion that this album is the ‘greatest of all time’ in this genre. That is a very polarizing statement, I realize. Regardless, this album is amazing. Noise is an odd beast. Many people don’t even know it exists as a musical

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