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Feature via Dazed Digital Annie Sprinkle, the sex worker and pornstar turned sex educator and artist, once described a beautiful summer day with a lover, when both found that their “psychedelic door flew open” without having taken any drugs. “Our senses became heightened, time warped, colours were brighter,” she said. “I wondered if people

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You may have seen this video haunting social media of a Brazilian woman convulsing, dead-eyed and contorting all Walking Dead like – or the Brazilian going all “28 Days Later” versus a public bus – well, it’s not because “zombies are so in right now” as Hollywood execs would have you

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In the Taste the Void articles, we looked at various drugs or addictions. Now we are going to look at the sometimes tragic end game some of them lead to. If you have read the other articles, you might know these are not the views or beliefs of CVLT Nation

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Excerpt from the final chapter of HEAVY: A Memoir of Wyoming, BMX, Drugs, and Heavy Fucking Music by JJ Anselmi   Excision   The surgeon draws an ellipse on my forearm with black marker, injecting anesthetic at several different points. When my skin is numb, she delicately traces the marker

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It’s time to spiral back down into the wonderfully wicked world of drugs. Like I explained in previous instalments, these are not the views or beliefs of CVLT Nation as a whole. I have personally done every drug we are exploring, but have not used recreational drugs in thirteen years,

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This next drug we are going to take a look at seemed like a logical choice, as it explains my love for X-mas lights, despite the fact the only holiday I acknowledge on December 25th is Saturnalia. As explained in the first installment of our exploration of wonderfully wicked world

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