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Gareth Watkins

Born and raised in the UK, moved to Calgary, Alberta for the weather. Currently writing for this publication and others while working on a book.

Linkin Park in Concert

Bands didn’t exactly make it out to rural Dorset much. Until a local dry ski slope started putting on all-ages punk shows, the only band I could see play live was The Wurzels. Then Follow The Leader came out – I was big into KoRn already, but this, it had cover art

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Limp Bizkit at Woodstock 99

The easy thing to do here would be to try to redeem Nu-Metal. To try and convince myself and then you, dear reader, that, I don’t know, System of a Down’s album Toxicity sounds as good now that I’m thirty as it did when I was sixteen, when I’ve heard everything

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Pirates 1
CvltureFeaturedHistorySocial Justice

Pirates are one of those historical subcultures where you just know the truth is going to be a long way from their portrayal in popular culture. The ‘yarr me hearties’ and ‘shiver me timbers’ thing, the parrots on shoulders and buried treasure – nobody makes it to adulthood thinking that

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Yukio Mishima

He was three times nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature, an accomplished bodybuilder, a trained soldier, an expert swordsman, a model, an actor, a singer. Any one of these achievements is impressive, two or three exceptional, all of them taken together is evidence of near superhuman willpower, an Übermensch

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Chapman Bros. Hell
ArtFeaturedMixed MediaPaintingSculpture

There wasn’t a whole lot of good art coming out of the UK in the nineties. The landscape was dominated by the YBAs – the Young British Artists, mostly graduates of the posh Goldsmiths college, all of them very comfortable with self-promotion and massive quantities of cocaine. Some of the art they

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Thugs Strangling Traveller
BizarreCvltureHistorySocial Justice

Nineteenth century Britain saw the beginning of the mass media at its best and worst: novelists like Charles Dickens could become household names serializing their novels, a careless journalist could nearly inspire a pogrom by linking the ‘Jack the Ripper’ murders to London’s Jewish population. ‘If it bleeds, it leads’

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