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Following last year’s EP Cupio Dissolvi, Lebanon Hanover’s William Maybelline shows his solo project Qual can yet again blaze a new path through nightmarish, experimental bangers with his upcoming LP The Ultimate Climax. Clocking in at eight songs that run the gamut from proto-industrial to EBM, its perfect for an

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Here we go again with your favorite load of heavy shit coming out of Italy. It’s been a while since the last “Italy is Burning” chapter dropped, and in the meantime, the beloved homeland hasn’t ceased vomiting out some real quality fucking underground grime to torture your ears with, so

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When I first listened to Darkspace, I told myself “woah, what a weird band, that’s cool”, and then I took interest in them, learned stuff about the way they do things, and that’s when I told myself, “holy shit, that’s a very, very weird band, that’s awesome”. I discovered them

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Early note, obviously not everyone will agree with my opinion that this album is the ‘greatest of all time’ in this genre. That is a very polarizing statement, I realize. Regardless, this album is amazing. Noise is an odd beast. Many people don’t even know it exists as a musical

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Drone doom has a history of pioneering bands drastically changing the concepts and pre-supposed definitions of it, and that includes both well-known acts such as Earth and more obscure ones like They Yearn For What They Fear. There is a refreshing element in almost all bands in that cycle that

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To rifle through the newly published music for a slab of psychedelic rock today is to ‘most likely’ run across some either terrible indie rock bands or some generic, radio-friendly stoner rock. Why ‘most likely’? Because if you happen to know Mike Vest, the case is gonna be different. Way

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