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Death Doom

Experience the putrid-cavernous Death/Doom of SEWER FIEND “Pulsating Mass of Worms”

If I had to pick my favorite kind of Death Metal, what would it be? On the real, I love my OSDM to be filthy and cavernous. Putrid slow-moving riffs get my blood boiling and creates dank portals in my brain that get me hyped! This is why I’m so hyped on the new SEWER FIEND record Echoes From The Cistern that comes out in June via Dry Cough Records (Pre-order EU) and Sewer Rot Records (Pre-order North America). Now it’s time for y’all to tap into the sounds of SEWER FIEND and their unhinged and deranged death hymn “Pulsating Mass of Worms” streaming below!

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