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Death Metal

Smell the Reeking Stench of LIQUID SH!T’s “Repulsive Bodies”

It’s time to talk my positive shit about nasty, slow, fecal rifflords LIQUID SHIT! Unholy fuck yes, Dry Cough Records has released this band’s awesome tape untitled Repulsive Bodies, and I freaking love it! I really dig how they spew out their brain of demented, sludgy Death Metal that reeks of nothingness. Bands like this are the reason why I enjoy doing what I do. Cover your nose play their song “Foul Occurrence” loud and you will hear for yourself how unbelievably foul this band is. If rotting bodies had a sound, they would sound like LIQUID SHIT’s “Bound Forever To This Body.” Hot damn, this tape is so sick, I’m sure that this band will end up on our end-of-the-year list for sure. The next time you have explosive diarrhea, just know we just turn you on to the soundtrack of your fucked up bowels! I’m happy as a pig in shit turning y’all on to LIQUID SHIT’s Repulsive Bodies.

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Sentient 51423

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