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Death Doom

3 Extremely Suffocating New DEATH DOOM Releases!!!

Fuck the dumb shit, the world is an ugly place! Sometimes we look to those who look like us to fight against the oppressors only to find out that they have sold their souls to the oppressor! I’m feeling pretty disgusted with humanity right now. Therefore I’m turning to one of my favorite genres to uplift me — Death Doom! It’s time for y’all to check out 3 suffocating Death Doom releases that will choke the shit out of all oppressors and their allies!

Black Wound

WTF WTF WTF BLACK WOUND is back with another sick AF release entitled
Warping Structure is out now on Dry Cough Records! I’m truly amazed at how fucking insanely rad this band is. They are able to manifest these slow-moving pits of sonic quicksand. The next thing you know is that within the same song, they will conjure up a whirlwind of putrid audio speed that will push your wig back for sure. Trust me when I say that every song on Warping Structure is un-fucking-real. The last song on the record “Vermin Firstborn” is a 10 minute Death Anthem that infects your whole reality and afterlife, only to point eternal violence toward those who deserve it! I know for HUGE FACT that Black Wound has created one of the sickest Death Doom releases of 2023!!!


BONE WEAPON’s new tape “THRIVE OR STARVE” is out now on Transylvanian Recordings is so freaking killer!!! This is why we are championing them today and they deserve all of the shine that they get! Imagine straight grim Death Doom created through the lens of early GODFLESH. As the first song “The Hunt” pounds my skull I realize that this band is on some next shit and I love it! “Spoils of Savage War” has these fucked in the head audio caverns in them that will make you feel like you are reliving a nightmare while you are awake. BONE WEAPON uses Death Doom as a weapon of feral destruction that leaves nothing but bones in their wake!


Unholy hell yes, the new Fossilization record “Leprous Daylight” out now on Everlasting Spew Records is a mammoth slice of Death Doom majesty. As I blast their tune “The Night Spoke The Tongue Of Flames” I find myself saying damn this fucking knows how to write an insanely rad Death Doom song that makes you feel good to be alive! I love the way that they are able to enclose their unhinged rage in these cloaks of empathy and passion. “Eon” is one of the gnarliest songs that I have heard all year. I’m super stoked for Fossilization for manifesting a Death Doom record that will stand the test of time for sure!

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Sentient 51423

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