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Photos: Taylor Ferguson A Night of Death and Doom is an ongoing series of showcases in Vancouver that brings the darkest, most vile bands together to crush the Astoria Hotel on Hastings. On Sept. 18th, NECROT brought their decaying fury alongside locals Erosion, Encoffinate and Cranial Sodomy. I managed to

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I don’t know about you, but the minute I saw the name Totemic Anal Turbofucker, I knew I needed to hear this album. BARBARIAN SWORDS may have just dropped the most blaspheming, vile, harrowing album I’ve listened to this year. It’s got a demonic ferocity that absolutely captures my loathing

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Pure Darkness – Morast’s Il Nostro Silenzo Label: Van Records Here’s a record that’s going to get lost in the shuffle of all the new stuff coming out this year, and that’s a real shame because it’s pretty damned good. If you’re a fan at all of Death/Doom then you

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Did you know that Disgusted Geist / Medicine Noose were in the process of releasing an insanely sick split? On August 8th, Dry Cough Records (UK pre-order HERE), Heavenly Vault Records (GER pre-order HERE) and Live Fast Die Records (US pre-order HERE) are all teaming up to unleash this plague of sound upon an unsuspecting

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What the hell is wrong with you? What strange and perverse urges causes you to plumb deeper and deeper into the depths of aural depravity? If you haven’t asked yourself these sort of questions before, the new full-length by multinational duo Miscarriage may just cause you to begin to think

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Heretical Sect is your new favorite band that you have never heard of! Over the course of four dense and intense tracks, they show you why they are bringing something new to the game. I don’t want to box them into a genre because their songs evoke a sense of

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