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Death Doom

The Apex Predator of Death Doom: SPECTRAL VOICE’s New LP ‘Sparagmos’

I’m writing this from a place of JOY! I’m writing this from a place of BLISS! I’m writing this from a place of knowing that SPECTRAL VOICE are the fucking BOMB! Their new album Sparagmos out now on Dark Descent Records is a certified Death Doom classic! At least this is my point of view, because it’s so Heavy and full of Suffocating Morbid Atmosphere! I love how layered their songs are and how they weave in so many different emotions into one riff. As I blast “Be Cadaver,” I can hear and feel the ancient agony that this death hymn conjures up! At times the song is fragile and etheral before becoming this Death Metal hydra that is ready to kill.

SPECTRAL VOICE music is full of putrified space that allows the listener to lucid dream about their night terrors. “Red Feasts Condensed Into One” waste no time in dragging you down into a cave of sonic fecal matter before becoming a slow moving river of audio filth. Sparagmos proves that this band creates on a level that many bands never reach. Also, this is an album that will grow on you like moss and cover you in dirge for years to come! SPECTRAL VOICE are so comfortable in their creative skin, and this fact only makes me more of a fan. The last song on the album, “Death’s Knell Rings in Eternity,” is a massive Death Doom anthem that will have you head banging and blissing out at the same time. I look forward to eating a THC gummie and making new SPECTRAL VOICE record the soundtrack to my elevated state of mind!

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Sentient 51423

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