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Apocalyptic Blues

Experience our new Genre-Bending Mixtape series: HEAVY IS HEAVY Vol 1

All music lovers know that sound is catharsis, and catharsis is what we all need right now! So we’ve put together 2.5 hours of bone-crushing, soul-shearing sounds that will ruthlessly strip away the layers of anxiety and negativity that the world has heaped on you. Inside Heavy is Heavy Vol 1 you’ll find an amalgamation of genres that prove there is no one vibration that defines heavy music. This mixtape blends post-punk and black metal , d-beat and death metal // death doom, sludge. avant garde and hardcore punk, shifting seamlessly into one another. These are some of our most treasured underground artists, and we hope you’ll take a minute to check out the catalogs linked below and maybe drop them a dime or two to keep them creating through this difficult time. You can stream and download it below.



3. Invunche: Ciudad Ruina

4. CULT OF FIRE – Buddha 5

5. Voarm – Incognizant Citadel

6. SPECTRAL VOICE – Lurking Gloom

7. Death. Void. Terror. – (– – –) [Taken from To The Great Monolith II]

8. THROANE – Et ceux en lesquels ils croyaient

9. INDIAN – The Fate Before Fate

10. LORD MANTIS – Santa Muerte

11. COFFINWORM – Start Saving For Your Funeral

12. AMERICAN – Bedsheet Ossuary

13. DEAFKIDS – Espirais da Loucura

14. RAKTA – Estrela da Manhã

15. PACT INFERNAL – Path To Topheth

16. THE BODY – Western Dub (Remixed by Seth Manchester)

17. The Black Heart Rebellion – The Woods I Run From

18. KING WOMAN – I Wanna Be Adored (The Stone Roses Cover)

19. BITTER FLOWERS – Burn Away

20. GOLD CAGE – Halcion

21. ECHO BEDS – Only Surfaces

22. FEARING – Good Talks

23. ALL YOUR SISTERS – Self Medicating

24. SIAL – Huru Hara

25. ZODD – Dystopian Future

26. DOLDREY – Siege of Doldrey

27. FULL OF HELL – Angels Gather Here

28. TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE – Re-Contaminated

29. IMPURE – Succession of Ancient Throned Gods

30. CTHONICA – VIIII … Not As Those Who Served and Preached in Obeisance

31. HARSH REALM – Void

32. MOURNED – Corridors of Cain

33. KRUELTY – Introduction To…

34. JESUS PIECE – Dog No Longer

35. FLESH ROT – Twisted Visions Prevail

36. AMENRA – Wear My Crown

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